Get Ready For The High Season With Gamification


The month of November marks the beginning of the busiest holiday shopping season. Customers are starting to look for the most attractive promotions and deals brands are offering. Consequently, it is the perfect time for F&B and Retail establishments to increase conversions and boost revenue. What better way to do so than with gamified loyalty campaigns that will wow customers?

Como makes it extremely easy to incorporate gaming mechanics to create an interactive experience that increases customer participation, loyalty, and average spending. With that in mind, check out two kinds of gamification you can leverage with your state-of-the-art loyalty program solution!

Spin the Wheel

Enhance your loyalty program by giving your new and existing customers a chance to spin the wheel and win products and offers you decide to market! Members have the opportunity to win gifts by landing on a segment of the wheel based on probabilities that you can set within Como. Each segment offers different prizes, such as a free item, a discount, or a percentage off the total bill which customers can redeem when they visit your store.

Customize your wheel with your brand’s colors and add design elements depending on the holiday or your wheel’s theme to cater to a unique experience. As the Christmas season is approaching, you can add Christmas-themed icons and background colors as well as limited edition Christmas items you may be offering!

Scratch and Win

The scratch card adds a surprise factor and an interactive feel to the user experience. Additionally, it is easy to set up for your team as well as extremely simple to use on the member’s side!

The flow is as easy as 1-2-3: an SMS, email or push notification will be sent to your customers explaining how to claim and redeem their gift, they can click and access the scratch card, scratch their screen and discover their gift! Just like that, generate visits and boost your locations’ sales.

Again, gifts can be amount, item or percentage based. Prepare scratch cards you know your customers will be thrilled to discover by using visuals that go well with the holiday season. We look forward to discovering yours!

Benefits of Gamified Loyalty Campaigns

1. They improve customer engagement and interaction with your loyalty program

Gamification enables your business to create an exciting and unique way for your members to interact with your brand and products. According to Snipp, brands that incorporate gamification into their customer engagement strategies see a 47% rise in engagement.

2. They encourage positive word of mouth about your brand

A study done by Reflect Digital highlighted that 60% of respondents are more likely to buy from a brand that they have enjoyed playing a game. Satisfied customers will happily share about their positive experience with their family and friends. In addition, they might take it a step further by spreading the word about your loyalty program on social media and thus widen the reach of your campaign above your usual audience.

3. They make your loyalty program stand out from the competition

In an era of customer experience, it is crucial to find ways that will give your business an edge to remain on your customers’ mind. Initiatives like a spin the wheel or a scratch and win campaign are not so common among F&B businesses and retailers. These features demonstrate that your brand understands the importance of making the customer experience more fun and appealing. They also have the advantage of including multiple offers at the same time, making sure you can appeal to everyone while testing different discounts to become more knowledgeable on what works best!

Get your head in the game

When done right, gamification reinforces the value of the brand and brings your customers closer to your brand. Encourage your customers to sign up to your loyalty program and download your branded app to take advantage of the fun and exciting prizes they can win!

Want to gamify your loyalty campaigns? Contact us today to get started!




6 Social Media Strategies To Cultivate Loyal Customers


4.7 billion people, almost 60% of the world’s population, are social media users. Not surprising that businesses – across all industries – implement strong social media strategies as part of their marketing plan in order to meet customers on their favorite platforms and become top of mind. The Food & Beverage and Retail industries are definitely no exception.

In this article, we gathered six social media best practices to implement in order to grow your customer base, increase conversion rates, and stimulate brand loyalty. Follow us!

1. Commit to a posting schedule and never miss an occasion to communicate with your customers

Establish a successful and consistent social media presence by looking at your business and competitors’ best posting times and most engaging content types, by diving into your audience and segmenting it, and by resorting to social media scheduling tools – such as HootsuiteLater, or Planable.

That way, you will save time by automating your posting process and focusing on crafting the most relevant content for your customers. You will be able to manage multiple accounts from the same tool and collaborate with your team within a simplified social media workflow. This will not only keep your followers engaged and interested, but it will also help your brand stay relevant and keep a consistent brand identity.

2. Repost your customers’ content – whether it is product features, feedback, or pictures of your locations

With over 500 million users posting an Instagram story every day, it is a winning strategy to share tagged posts or stories to give prospects better insights into your products and services. Personifying your communication by featuring your customers and letting them speak their voice within your accounts will most certainly differentiate your social media from the competition, and will help develop brand loyalty and trust.

According to Invesp, 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand. When you reshare your customers’ posts or stories, it will turn into a virtuous circle as it stimulates followers to create more brand-related content to be reposted!

3. Run a social media competition with exciting rewards

Host a social media contest that requires people to follow, comment, like, share, or even tag their friends and other users to participate. It will attract a wide range of followers to join, build brand awareness, and generate buzz online.

In order for such a competition to be the most effective, the rewards need to be attractive, and the communication should be done ahead of the competition’s starting date and last just a few hours to push followers to act on it immediately. Include Como craft gift vouchers, discounts on the total bill, BOGO, and so on in your campaigns for direct impact.

Consider launching contests around events or holidays to take advantage of the momentum that’s already surrounding the occasion.

4. Interact with customers regularly to engage with them online as much as in store

Businesses with successful marketing strategies have understood the importance of humanizing their brand voice to make followers feel connected by initiating conversations. To do so, you can respond to comments, and have your staff speak directly to customers in marketing videos or post pictures of them at your locations.

Don’t hesitate to give playful and humorous replies like the fast food chain Wendy’s on their Twitter account, to emotionally engage and bring your followers closer to your brand when you react to their stories and posts. A study by Bain & Company found that the surveyed respondents spent 20% to 40% more on brands that have interacted with them on social media! Impressive, right?

5. Offer top-notch customer support through your social media chats

Customers are increasingly turning to social media when looking for information and relaying their concerns and feedback. Ensure that is it clear that your customers can reach out to you on social media for any question and that you are responding in a timely manner to avoid frustration. Train your representatives to write in the perfect tone that fits your brand image and to go the extra mile by giving the most accurate pieces of information to the users.

Starbucks is widely recognized for its exceptional online customer service, answering customers’ messages within hours of receiving them, whether it’s positive or negative content, so that they feel heard and part and parcel of the Starbucks community.


6. Attract new and existing customers with a brand new social media gift 

Set up a gift of your choice, such as a % off or discount, and share the link on your social media posts and in your account’s description. Customers who are not members yet will be asked to enter their contact information to be able to receive the gift and will receive an SMS to sign up for the loyalty program.

New and existing customers will visit your stores to claim their gifts. After identifying at the POS counter with their phone number, new members will be able to redeem their gifts. As easy as 1-2-3.

From scheduling your social media posts to winning customers with social media gifts and staying in touch with them online, it is essential to implement well-crafted social media strategies on all your channels to recruit new clients, generate customer loyalty, and boost your revenues!

Halloween 2022: 4 Spooktacular Email Campaign Tips And Tricks To Use This Year


Halloween is right around the corner, which means millions of people are stocking up on candy, decorating their houses, and dusting off old Halloween costumes and it is time for your business to craft your dedicated loyalty campaign and related emails!

According to National Retail Federation’s (NRF) survey, 69% of US consumers plan to celebrate Halloween, up from 65% in 2021 and 58% in 2020. In other terms, customers are actively looking for those Halloween deals, offers, signature products, and experiences!  Furthermore, it’s worth noting that total spending is expected to reach an all-time high of $10.6 billion, exceeding last year’s $10.1 billion, ranking the season one of the biggest commercial holidays of the year.

Do you need any additional reasons to look into Halloween as a great opportunity for your business to delight existing customers, recruit new ones and thus boost your sales? That’s what we thought too!

This Halloween season, launch a fangtastic email marketing campaign that will generate buzz and give customers pumpkin to talk about! Here are four tips and tricks to get you started.

1. Build anticipation by sending a Halloween teaser email 

Spice up your email campaigns by sending a teaser email in advance about your Halloween offers and promotions in order to make sure customers are aware of the special deals you’ll be running. This will allow your business not only to be top of mind when the season comes but it might also spark some early visits to your locations.

The goal of the teaser email is to not reveal everything at once but to build suspense by dropping hints about your special Halloween sale. The latter could include special offers on your seasonal products, gift cards, BOGO deals, and more, all configured in advance from Como in just a few clicks.

So do not wait until October’s last week to send your Halloween email campaigns. The sooner the better – you can start off by sending teasers as early as the beginning of the month to build excitement before the big holiday!

2. Get in the Halloween spirit with funny puns, spooky visuals, and a sharp subject line

Make your emails more appealing and memorable and grab the attention of your readers by including humor and jokes fit for the scary season. Try adding a pun or two to your email campaigns and some fun Halloween graphics, images, or GIFs. With the help of Como’s dynamic email builder, customize your email campaigns quickly and effectively by dragging in your visuals and choosing a Halloween color theme.

Additionally, work on your subject line to improve open rates. Based on Invesp’s research, 47% of people open emails solely on the basis of the subject line. Therefore, carefully choose your tagline, and add eye-catching emojis that go well with the Halloween season to catch the attention of your subscribers.

Doing so, you’ll stand out amongst the countless emails they will receive for the month of October. It shows your customers that your brand knows how to have fun too, making it easier for your customers to connect to your business.

3. Drive traffic to your store by promoting your Halloween offers

When getting closer to the 31st of October, inform your customers of your seasonal promotions and offerings through eye-catching emails. The said offer should be attractive for most of your customer base to successfully boost visits. So, check your Como analytics to pick the best product and offer type!

We advise you to create a sense of urgency with a limited-time offering for the Halloween season. This will encourage customers to act quickly and visit your location(s) to redeem your deals.

Another way to drive traffic could be by communicating on a giveaway of branded trick-or-treat bags or other themed freebies.

4. Increase your customers’ engagement by involving them in Halloween challenges and contests

Within your email campaign, let your customers know that you are throwing a special Halloween contest so that they feel even more enticed to connect with your brand this holiday.

You could craft a social media contest rewarding the best costume picture you are tagged in, or you could throw a Spin the Wheel experience at your location, or launch a digital scratch card or simply a contest people can enter by signing up to your loyalty program online or from your bespoke App.

Don’t forget to add the link to your App or dedicated landing page to your email to enable customers to participate!

In a nutshell, Halloween is becoming an increasingly important sales event customers are actively looking forward to celebrating, which is true not only in the United States but worldwide. It is a great opportunity to engage with your email subscribers by sending them seasonal offers and relevant content both ahead of the holiday and right when it starts!

From the Como team, we wish you a fa-boo-lous Halloween season!


Building Customer Loyalty With Tiered Loyalty Programs

A tiered loyalty program is a type of membership program in which clients receive different benefits based on their rank. Unlike conventional loyalty programs, multi-level loyalty programs rank members in certain groups based on certain metrics. 

A 2022 Global Customer Loyalty Report revealed that organizations with tier-based loyalty programs have reported a 1.8x higher return on investment compared to programs that do not offer tiers. Having tiers strikes a competitive chord in your customers and encourages them to spend at your store to reach new levels, enabling them to move up the loyalty ladder.

In this article, we’ve compiled five reasons why you should implement tiers within your loyalty program. Thinking about other key reasons? Share them with us in the comments!

1. They drastically increase customer engagement and spend

As members move up each tier, they are rewarded with benefits continuously increasing in value.

For instance, a customer in a bronze tier could get a one-time special gift, while a member reaching the silver tier could get a monthly discount on their favorite items and a customer belonging to the gold tier can get a free item of a high value to congratulate them for getting to the last tier as well as a percent off their bill every time they visit.

In this context, regularly keep your members posted on their tier and available perks to ensure they visit your locations to redeem and spend more to move up the ladder and receive better privileges. The 2022 Global Customer Loyalty Report states that customers in higher tiers spend on average 2.1 times more than one-time shoppers.

2. They simplify customer segmentation

A tiered loyalty program allows your business to identify and segment your most valuable customers easily. Once members are split into tiers, your business can collect data on their purchase history and target them with the most relevant offers and perks according to their preferences and behavior.

Having a tier system also enables you to communicate different messages at a different pace to your customers. As an example, do not hesitate to engage on a more regular basis with your top-tier customers as they are likely to be your biggest fans.

3. They make customers feel exclusive

Ensure that each level of your tiered loyalty program offers customers unique perks and experiences that don’t appear as “classic” gifts. This will increase your customers’ sense of belonging, exclusivity, and loyalty to your business.

For example, Sephora’s loyalty program, Beauty Insider, is well-known for its tiered approach with three levels: InsidersVIB (Very Important Beauty Insider), and Rouge. All members receive points per dollar spent or end-of-year discounts, while only the Rouge members get to enjoy free custom makeovers, a unique perk for the higher level that allows members to have something to feel exclusive about.

4. They turn customers into brand advocates 

Reaching a special status allows members to feel a sense of accomplishment. Offering them a way to share their progress with their family and friends – for example on social media – by sending them a personalized notification, email, or SMS when they move tiers, is always relevant.

Indeed, according to Invesp, 88% of consumers place the highest level of trust in word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know. As a result, make sure to encourage members in-store to take a picture of their tier gifts and share it online.

5. They shield your business from the competition

Under the competitive spirit of ranking up and enjoying the benefits of higher tiers, customers will naturally use more of your products and services instead of going to your competitors. Done well, it will set you apart from the competition and make your brand your customers’ favorite. Your members feel rewarded at fair value and in return, they come back for more.

A highlight of a bunch of Como’s Tier-Based Loyalty Programs

Check out four amazing businesses that have leveraged tiered loyalty programs with Como!

Paul Arabia

With various locations across the Middle East, Paul Arabia’s tiered loyalty program consists of four levels: BeigeGoldPlatinum, and Black. If a member wants to reach the next tier, they need to achieve a certain number of visits within a year. Depending on the tier they reach, they receive a voucher for a complimentary main course and a discount on each bill if they belong to the higher levels.


Members of the Malaysian restaurant chain’s loyalty program, named Kyochingus, can enjoy up to 8% cashback for every transaction on the next visit for every transaction. With three membership levels, members must spend a minimum amount to upgrade to the next tier. For instance, Bronze members need to spend $223 to upgrade to the Silver tier while Silver members need to spend $445 to reach the highest level.


Headquartered in Switzerland, this tea brewery’s loyalty program comprises three tiers: TeabestieTealover, and VIT (Very Important Tealover). Once the member creates an account and makes the first purchase, they automatically join the lowest tier (Teabestie) and will need to earn certain points or TeaBuds to climb up their level. All tiers have perks, such as a free drink on your birthday, referral perks, and a welcome gift. In addition to these benefits, the VIT members receive cashback and are the first to try out their new drinks before anyone else!

Aoki Group

Aoki Group has several renowned restaurant concepts owned by restauranteur Kevin Aoki. The points earned from your annual spending will unlock each tier: BronzeSilverGold, and Emerald. Upon reaching the level, each member will receive a gift and enjoy special perks. For instance, to get the gold tier, the member needs to spend $10,000 and will receive a Rindo 2016 Bottle!

To conclude, offering tiers will boost customers’ desire to improve their status within your loyalty program and thus visit and spend more. Providing positive experiences, exclusive rewards – monetary or not -, and consistent communication will be key in the implementation of your tier strategy. This will undoubtedly lead you to build passionate brand ambassadors who proudly share their achievements within your program with their loved ones!

Want to implement a tier-based loyalty program? Contact us to get started!


3 Key Advantages Of Using The Wallet Pass


A Wallet Pass is a digital non-payment card that can be stored on your mobile device in the form of a wallet item in the Apple Wallet or Google Pay Apps.

This advanced feature is a powerful asset for your business’ loyalty program as it makes your customers’ experience smoother, keeps your brand top of mind, and boosts customer engagement thus driving additional recurring revenue. Let us explain how the new Como Wallet Passes can take your customers’ experience to the next level and make your business more profitable!

For starters, among the 2,000 respondents who participated in a Mobile Wallet Marketing survey, more than half (54%) have already used a Wallet Pass and 70% of consumers currently enrolled in at least one loyalty program say they would use a mobile version of their loyalty cards if they didn’t have to sign into a website or download an app!

1. Wallet Passes are the most accessible loyalty feature for your customers and the easiest identification method for your business 

Mobile Wallet Passes can be distributed to your loyalty program members through your existing marketing channels with a single URL to download it. In other words, clients won’t need to download your Mobile App to access your loyalty program if they don’t want to, and if they are already active App users they can still benefit from it to access key information about the program in a faster way. Indeed, when 6 taps are needed on average to enter a loyalty App and check rewards, deals and credits, only two taps are necessary to reach a saved pass!

In addition to this, identification at the POS will be drastically simplified. Your staff won’t have to ask for the member’s details to recognize them, check out their points or applicable offers and apply them. Once the member has added the Wallet Pass to their phones, they can open and present it at the point of sale counter for identification. When the staff scans the barcode on the pass, they will be able to review the members’ details, such as their point balance and gifts, and take action within seconds.

Eventually, if your business used to distribute physical cards, which can be lost or damaged, the Wallet Pass is definitely the longer lasting option for your members. And if you happen to face a wi-fi problem in your location and your customer can’t access their App, the Wallet Pass can be scanned with no connectivity required, another reason to take the leap!

2. Wallet Passes complement your Mobile App experience, makes your brand top of mind and drives customer action

Wallet notifications allow your business to have a consistent communication channel with its members. What’s more, it is interesting to note that 62% of respondents say they are likely to download a Wallet Pass if it is personalized. In other words, we recommend you to craft behavior or profile-based Wallet campaigns and pair them with notifications on Como. These messages will appear on your members’ lock screen and encourage them to take action. Such a personalized marketing experience will lead to higher conversion rates and stronger brand loyalty!

For instance, you can create your campaigns based on your members’ purchase history and recent behavior or preferences and personalize your push notifications to spark their interest in your special offers! You could also send out expiration reminders on coupons or offers to create a sense of urgency and drive traffic to your store.

Your Wallet Pass will help your marketing team keep your brand front and center in customers’ minds, promote social responsibility by reducing the consumption of wasteful paper and plastic, while allowing clients to share their positive experience by showing their pass to their family and friends .

3. Wallet Passes updates membership details in real-time giving your customers better visibility

Unlike their physical equivalents, Wallet Passes can be seamlessly updated with new information anytime. Around 77% of consumers want the information on their Wallet Passes to be automatically updated on their phones. Indeed, checking this information often requires a tedious process of logging in one’s account and manually checking the information or activating rewards to be able to redeem them.

By making members discover where they stand in a single view, or reminding them of their points or rewards when they haven’t visited in a while, you are removing barriers by encouraging redemption of deals and use of points or credits. 

Send your members real-time updates on their points status or the number of punches that they currently have up to date. There is no need for your members to delete, add or download a new pass as it will automatically reflect in their existing pass.

Leverage the Wallet Pass with Como

Como’s New Wallet Pass allows you to put your brand in your customers’ pocket and is an excellent opportunity to connect and engage with them in a personalized way without asking them to download a mobile App!

Are you ready to take business to the next level with Wallet Passes? Contact us today to get started.

10 Must-Know SMS Messaging Stats


Mobile phones now count 7.26 billion users around the globe, making up 91.54% of the world’s population. With these figures in mind, average screen time reaching 7 hours a day, and most purchase decisions starting online, companies are brainstorming about more ways to reach out to their customers on their device. Obviously, one way of doing so is by sending them relevant personalized text messages either to remain top of mind or to spark action.

Most businesses are embracing SMS messaging as part of their business strategy and have identified it as an essential component of omnichannel communication. It has evolved as one of the most cost-efficient and successful ways to connect with customers in real-time, increase client engagement and generate highly valuable leads.

Discover 10 key figures that show the power of SMS messaging for your business!

1. In 2022, 70% of customers subscribed to receive business messages.

More than two-thirds of consumers have subscribed to receive texts from companies, which include reminders, shipping notifications, back in stock information, news and special offers or discounts. If you already communicate with your clients on key calendar occasions, consider branching out your SMS strategy to communicate news about your business, send out personal messages to clients or suggest new products!

2. Experts predict that 3.5 trillion SMS business messages will be sent in 2023, up from 25 trillion in 2019.

The number of text messages sent by businesses is expected to reach 3.5 trillion by 2023. This figure shows more businesses realize the importance and adopt SMS in their communication channels. Thus, you should make sure to differentiate your SMS by personalizing them and communicating your specific tone of voice.

3. 51% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they receive a text with images and media. 

SMS containing an image or video snatches the attention of over half readers. Designing beautiful, impactful and consistent visual content for your messages to delight and surprise your customers should thus be part and parcel of crafting your SMS strategy.

4. 6 out of 10 buyers want to text back businesses about customer support issues.

Customers want to talk to companies, including yours. In fact, 60.8% of customers would rather write businesses with questions about customer support than do it via the telephone. Make sure to be reachable from your website chat or to have a Whatsapp or text customer support.

5. 63% of consumers say they would switch to a company that offers SMS messaging as a communication channel. 

Text-based communication options are valuable to consumers as they are used to resorting to this communication method and trust it. This stat suggests that SMS should be part of your global communication strategy, whether it is your core communication tool or it is part of a broader set of tools combining SMS with notifications and in-App messages.

6. 77% of consumers are likely to have a positive opinion of a brand that offers text capability.

Build trust and become top-of-mind with a well-crafted SMS strategy. This means sending out messages regularly, keeping a consistent tone, crafting relevant and personalized offers, and keeping your customer base posted on important news about your business through their preferred communication channel.

7. 19% of customers are interested in hearing from their favorite brands via text message once per day.

Approximately 19% are open to hearing from their favorite brands on this channel once per day. Depending on your audience, it is important to determine the frequency they would like to receive text messages from your business so that no customer feels overwhelmed with SMS.

8. 75% of consumers want to receive text messages from companies on special offers.

Using SMS is one of the quick ways to get important information and updates across. Take advantage of the opportunity to text your customers about your special offers and promotions. Note that “dollar-off” discounts are the #1 incentive for signing up to an SMS program.

9. 45% of buyers respond to branded messages.

Include your brand’s name to make it easier for your customers to recognize your business and distinguish your messages from spam. This will increase your company’s credibility and your customers will most likely read and take action on your messages. In a single look, your brand has to catch the reader’s attention: to do that, do not hesitate to use emojis or play on words.

10. 96% of marketers agreed that text messaging has significantly generated more revenue for the business. 

Finally, nearly all marketers using text messaging as a communication channel agreed that it has overwhelmingly helped them boost revenue. Join them and boost your customer engagement with a well thought out SMS strategy!

Leverage SMS messaging with Como 

Communication is key to connecting and building long-lasting relationships with your customers. With the help of Como, you can reach out to your members about your promotions, campaigns, or reminders through omnichannel communications, including SMS messaging.

Customize the messages sent to your members to make them feel appreciated and valued as they are being addressed personally. For example, use the first name of your member to add a touch of personalization to your message, remind them of their points balance and send them offers that include their favorite items!

Want to take your business to the next level with SMS messaging? Contact us and get in touch with our team today.

Friendship Day: 4 Significant Benefits Of Running A Friend Referral Program



On the 30th of July, millions of people celebrate Friendship Day, a day dedicated to connecting and reconnecting with their friends around the globe. It is also the perfect occasion for brands to build an emotional connection with their audience and one way of doing so is by leveraging a friend referral campaign.

Businesses such as Uber, Airbnb, and Dropbox are among the well-known brands for their successful referral programs by engaging and leveraging their brand’s biggest assets: their customers. Take a look at the advantages referral programs can bring to your business!

1. Identifies your most loyal customers

Customers that have a positive experience with your brand are likely to stay. Referral programs enable your company to identify and track your most loyal consumers. These might be customers who have sent a lot of referrals or shared your content online frequently.

An Accenture study found that 91% of the respondents stated that they are most likely to shop with brands that provide recommendations and offers that are relevant to them. Respond to their loyalty by personalizing their experience and rewarding them for their efforts by making them feel valued and important.

2. Extends your market reach

Referral marketing builds on positive word-of-mouth to gain greater market awareness and expand your client base. With the right incentives, this will encourage customers to join your program, become your brand’s advocates and reach out to family and friends.

Meanwhile, social media has become an incredibly vital tool in reaching a wide pool of potential leads online. Your customers can share their opinions and promote your product or service via their favorite social media site. In the post, they can include the referral code or link to join the program, giving your brand an additional boost in social media presence.

3. Fosters greater trust and brand reputation

Brands are often brought up in conversations because people want to share finds with friends who could also benefit. In fact, a Nielsen study revealed that 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know compared to advertising directly from business.

Customers who refer your F&B and retail establishment to family and friends are perceived as trustworthy and believe that they are not being misled. It creates a personal connection that will make them more willing to listen to what your members are advocating for your brand.

4. Increases incremental revenue

Bringing in new business will drive a significant increase in sales and customer retention. According to Nielsen, people are four times more likely to buy from a store when referred by a friend. Additionally, a McKinsey study found that word of mouth is primarily the factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions.

Curate rewards for your advocates to encourage them in inviting more friends to join your program. When referred customers are happy with their experience in your restaurant or retail store, they will keep coming back to your business, make repeat purchases, and share positive reviews.

Setting up your Friend Referral Program with Como

A referral occurs when one person recommends a business to another person. With the help of Como, your members can invite their friends to join your friend referral campaign and receive compelling benefits.

To begin with, existing members can share the invite link with their friends on any platform via email, SMS, or social media after tapping the invite button on the app’s dedicated screen. When the friend opens the link from the invite message, it will lead them to a sign-up page in web form or in the app and they can register by entering the referral code.

Encourage members to invite their friends to join by rewarding them for every friend that joins, such as a special coupon or bonus points. In the Campaign Center section, you can create the rules to reward your advocate and the friend that joins. For example, the advocate only receives its reward once the referred member makes their first purchase.

More and more businesses are realizing the significance of friend referral programs in driving sales and high-valuable customers. If leveraged correctly with the right incentives, your customers will become your brand’s best ambassadors.

Are you enticed by these benefits and ready to start a friend referral program? Reach out to your dedicated CSM or support team to help you get started. Check out this video to learn more.

Customer Retention Strategies For The Restaurant Industry



Acquiring new customers is great, but what keeps the restaurant afloat are repeat customers. Besides being familiar faces, your regulars are also your top and most loyal customers. Most of the time, they spend more money than other restaurant guests and tell others about their experiences at their favorite restaurant. Based on a study by Bain & Company, increasing customer retention by just 5% boosts profits by 25% to 95%.

So, if your business strategy is solely focused on attracting new customers, maybe you are missing out on a valuable opportunity. We came up with four solid customer retention strategies that will keep people talking about and coming back to your restaurant. Check them out!

1. Improve dining experience

The probability of a customer returning for a second visit depends on their first impression and experience with your restaurant. Asking for your customers’ feedback will put your business in a better position to serve them better. Once they have completed dining in your establishment, be sure to ask for as many details as possible in your digital survey that is accessible in your branded mobile app or through a dedicated web view.

Furthermore, when employees feel valued, they are more likely to perform well. Customer service can be improved if your staff is happy and will reflect in their performance. On the other hand, unenthusiastic staff can make it uncomfortable for guests, giving them a bad impression, and may choose not to return to your restaurant.

2. Introduce seasonal menu items

Incorporate seasonal product offerings into your existing menu positions your restaurant to stand out in a highly competitive industry. Although a signature dish or two on your menu is always a good thing, it is essential to keep in mind that your food options should be regularly updated, allowing your regulars to experience something new and unique from time to time.

Limited-time deals and offers also create a sense of urgency and encourage your customers to visit your restaurant more often than they normally would. As your guests learn they may only have a few changes to seasonal products, they will be eager to try the latest menu. It is important to communicate with your guests about new food and beverage offerings to keep them engaged with your business.

3. Make payments easy and convenient

As technology continues to play a crucial role in the F&B industry, we’re continuing to see the popularity of contactless payment methods. A 2020 Mastercard study shows that 51% of American adults are using at least one form of contactless payments. All they need to do is to simply tap their debit/credit card or mobile wallet in the proximity of an RFID machine to complete the transaction.

Meanwhile, ensure that you also provide an easy and seamless online ordering experience for your customers until they reach checkout. There should be a variety of payment options available to accommodate. As a result, this will lead to greater customer satisfaction and these customers will continue to order from your restaurant, either on or off-premise.

4. Encourage customers to join your loyalty program

Without a doubt, rewarding customer loyalty is a must to optimize customer retention. Once you’ve won your visitors over with your signature food and drink options, it’s time to give them something special by encouraging them to sign up for loyalty to give them reasons to stick around.

Como is a data-driven customer engagement and loyalty solution that helps restaurants to create the best loyalty programs and handle customer data effectively. For example, in your loyalty program, you can set up a points shop to motivate customers to keep dining in your restaurant for a free appetizer or dessert. You can also add fun to your guests’ experience by having them participate in your scratch and win or spin the wheel.

Take advantage of your loyalty program to drive customer retention by offering incentives to get first-timers onto the menu for a second visit or putting together exclusive VIP events to make your most valued guests feel special. Understand your diners’ preferences, and design your loyalty program accordingly.

To conclude, getting repeat business to your restaurant isn’t always easy, but there is a variety of strategies you can leverage to retain your best customers. From improving your customer service to motivating your customers to join your loyalty program, these are some of the best ways to earn their trust and will likely turn them into advocates for your business.

Father’s Day Actions To Inspire You And Boost Your Sales



Every year, the third Sunday of June is dedicated to fathers all over the world. A month after celebrating Mother’s Day, consumers are now on the lookout for gifts to give their dads, stepdads, grandpas, and all the other father figures in their lives.

According to the National Retail Federation’s 2022 survey, US consumers are expected to spend around $20 billion on Father’s Day. Among the respondents, those aged between 25-34 are expected to be this year’s biggest holiday spenders with average spending estimated to be $248.98 per head on Father’s Day gifts.

With many customers looking forward to this special holiday, here are the best Father’s Day actions to take that will increase your revenue and strengthen your customer engagement strategy!

1. Set up a special Father’s Day display in your store

Create a display section in your store to showcase your dad-centric products to catch the eyes of browsing shoppers and increase store traffic. It is important to place your display where it is visible to the people passing by and grab their attention, such as in the middle of your store, with a “Father’s Day” banner to inform them that it is a display section dedicated to the occasion.

Conducting a product affinity analysis will help your business determine which of your products are complementary and set up promotions that will drive sales for the holiday. For example, you can create gift bundles and put them on your Father’s Day display to bring attention to your promotions and make it easy for your customers to pick a gift for their dads.

2. Engage customers with interactive social media content

Social media is a great platform to engage with your customers at a personal level. It allows you to connect with customers in real-time and gives them a forum to connect with other customers as well. Post engaging content on your social media page by, for example, asking your followers to comment and share their most memorable moments with their fathers.

Encourage them to join by rewarding the winners with a prize, such as a 20% discount on the total bill or a free appetizer on their next visit to your restaurant. Apart from the increase in clicks, shares, and likes, people will respond by visiting your store even after the holiday is over. This will improve the trust and loyalty of your customers towards your brand.

3. Communicate your Father’s Day promotions via different channels

Send personalized push notifications, in-app and SMS messages to invite your members to stop by your business and take advantage of your Father’s Day promotions and offers. Roll out Father’s Day-themed email campaigns that highlights your brand’s campaigns and even a gift guide you’ve collated that will serve as an inspiration to your customers on what to buy for the upcoming holiday.

The subject lines of your personalized messages are crucial to standing out from the tons of messages your customers will receive from other brands before the big day. For example, you can say lines like “Save up to 30% on Father’s Day Gifts!” or “Win Dad Over With These Great Gifts” to grab the attention of your members and drive traffic to your store.

4. Explore data to personalize Father’s Day benefits

Leveraging data enables organizations to turn raw information into valuable actionable insights. With the help of Comillia AI, you can get a holistic view of your business to make data-driven decisions and generate the reports you need instantly. It will aid in better understanding your customer’s purchasing patterns, such as their visits recency, frequency, and spending.

In addition, Comilla AI will recommend smart and personalized campaigns that will tailor to each of your customers’ needs. Around 52% of the respondents in a 2020 Salesforce study stated that they expect offers to always be personalized. This illustrates that personalized offers and experiences are a top priority for customers.

To wrap it up, as shoppers realize that dads and moms alike deserve some appreciation for everything they do, Father’s Day is becoming an increasingly popular holiday. Making sure that you are prepared well in advance for the special occasion will pay off if you do it right. Start planning your strategy now on how your business can boost sales and make it a Father’s Day to remember!

From the Como team, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day!

4 Inspirational Mompreneurs: Growing Families And Building Businesses



Despite the many challenges of balancing motherhood and career, many mothers worldwide find ways to combine the two successfully, and when a woman runs her own business on top of her motherhood responsibilities, she’s considered a ‘mompreneur’.

In light of celebrating Mother’s day on May 8th, here are four amazing mompreneurs to inspire you with their stories!

1. Patricia Williams, The Mom who built a McDonald’s Empire

Williams’ journey with the fast-food giant began when she was inspired by family members who owned a few McDonald’s locations. In 1984, she and her husband cashed out their retirement savings and applied to their first McDonald’s franchisee program, and as the brand was rapidly expanding in the 1980s, they purchased a second location.

Although she bought her husband’s share of the company shortly after their marriage ended, the family-business concept kept alive as Patricia’s daughters Nicole and Kerri joined forced with their mother in running the company, eventually becoming store owners themselves. In 2014, Patricia was awarded the highest honor a McDonald’s owner-operator can achieve: the Golden Arch Award.

Today, the family owns all 18 locations in Compton, CA, including 5 locations owned by Patricia’s daughters, Nicole and Kerri. The family organization has generated almost $50 million in revenue and employed over 700 employees while actively involved in charitable programs.

From left to right: Kerri, Patricia Williams, Nicole

2. Mireille Hayek, The Mom with a Passion for Cooking

Getting married and starting a family was the beginning of Mireille Hayek’s passion for cooking. With no formal chef training or experience, she opened her first restaurant in Lebanon called “La Parilla” in 2006. In 2009, she opened her second restaurant concept named “Yasmina”,  an Indian fusion restaurant named after her daughter.

The Third concept, Em Sherif, was launched in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2011, eventually being named one of the top nine female-led restaurants to watch in 2021 by the World’s 50 Best Group. Em Sherif, which translates to “Sherif’s mom” in Arabic, was named after her son, and the pair have worked together across all her restaurant projects. Today, Em Sherif group has grown to 12 locations across the Middle East region, making its European debut by opening locations at luxury department store Harrods in London and Monaco, inside the Hôtel de Paris.

Before becoming the group’s executive chef, Mireille’s daughter Yasmina attended the Paul Bocuse Institute, a renowned International School of Culinary Arts. She now runs the European restaurants herself. The mother-daughter duo is continually working together to provide traditional Lebanese cuisine and keep up to date with food trends in the places they choose to open their restaurants.

Yasmina Hayek (left) and Mireille Hayek (right)

3. Paige Lauren, The Mom behind LA’s Upscale Children’s Clothing Line

Originally an architectural designer, Paige Lauren didn’t expect her career to take a turn from designing residential homes to baby clothes. In 2008, the two occasions that motivated her to start her own business were 08’s global recession, which affected her architectural design business, and a frustrating shopping trip experience for her friend’s newborn baby. She couldn’t find anything that matched her design aesthetic as she was looking for something modern and simple.

Despite having no experience in manufacturing or designing baby clothes, she founded the children’s clothing line, which she named after herself, aiming to provide warmth and togetherness to all her customers while dealing with the pregnancy of her son. The business is now considered the first stop for every parent in Los Angeles and across the USA.

Paige Lauren

4. Becky Cannon, The Mom with Green Principles

Upon earning her Bachelor’s degree in Child Development, Becky moved to Japan to work as a kindergarten teacher. After moving back to the United States in 1980, she gave birth to her second daughter Mari and looked for natural products with a holistic philosophy, similar features, and qualities to the Japanese products she used when caring for her first daughter Emi.

With an ambition to develop products in line with her values, she launched Green Sprouts Inc. in 1982. Since then, for 40 years, the company has been mother-daughter-owned with a mission to provide healthy and practical products that focus on the well-being and whole development of babies and families. Their product offerings are environmentally friendly and made with healthy and safe materials, including stainless steel and plant plastic, which now serve customers worldwide.

In a recent feature interview with Carolina Spark Magazine, Cannon described herself as sympathetic to mothers today, especially those balancing a career and their families. She involved her daughters in the business by having them pack boxes and attend trade shows with her. She advises moms to trust their intuition and listen to what they know to advocate for their children.

From left to right: Mari, Becky Cannon, Emi

Juggling the responsibilities of being a business owner while performing duties as a mom can be incredibly challenging, like having two full-time jobs. Although it may be overwhelming, these women serve as inspiring role models for being successful in motherhood and career.

From the Como team, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

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