11 important tips to create a good survey

For the success of your company, you must continue to keep your customers happy. For this, you need to follow their complaints and suggestions. According to a survey of Surveymonkey; Gaining new customers costs 25 times more than keeping existing … Read More

Steal Your Customers’ Hearts With BOGO Deals

As soon as Christmas and New Year decorations are taken down, the stores’ aisles and the online shops’ pages are flooded with Valentine’s Day ornaments! Valentine’s Day sales reached almost $28B in 2020, in the United States alone! Everyone is … Read More

You’ve got a Friend: Referral Programs that Drive New Business

We’ve already discussed the importance of keeping your happiest customers coming back for more, but what does it take to build your customer base beyond your loyal following? It turns out that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal when it comes to new customer acquisition. … Read More

Increase the number of new members with your social media posts!

We have a new feature for recruiting members for your loyalty club: Quick Registration by Gifts by sharing a link to a new reward or discount coupon on your social media accounts, you can both generate traffic, increase your membership … Read More

Loyalty Program Essentials: Accumulation Methods at a Glance

The core of your loyalty program is the ongoing accumulation method that rewards your customers for purchasing, and then keeps them coming back to redeem and purchase more. The method you choose should give value to your unique customers, while increasing repeat business and sales for you. … Read More

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