10 Must-Know SMS Messaging Stats


Mobile phones now count 7.26 billion users around the globe, making up 91.54% of the world’s population. With these figures in mind, average screen time reaching 7 hours a day, and most purchase decisions starting online, companies are brainstorming about more ways to reach out to their customers on their device. Obviously, one way of doing so is by sending them relevant personalized text messages either to remain top of mind or to spark action.

Most businesses are embracing SMS messaging as part of their business strategy and have identified it as an essential component of omnichannel communication. It has evolved as one of the most cost-efficient and successful ways to connect with customers in real-time, increase client engagement and generate highly valuable leads.

Discover 10 key figures that show the power of SMS messaging for your business!

1. In 2022, 70% of customers subscribed to receive business messages.

More than two-thirds of consumers have subscribed to receive texts from companies, which include reminders, shipping notifications, back in stock information, news and special offers or discounts. If you already communicate with your clients on key calendar occasions, consider branching out your SMS strategy to communicate news about your business, send out personal messages to clients or suggest new products!

2. Experts predict that 3.5 trillion SMS business messages will be sent in 2023, up from 25 trillion in 2019.

The number of text messages sent by businesses is expected to reach 3.5 trillion by 2023. This figure shows more businesses realize the importance and adopt SMS in their communication channels. Thus, you should make sure to differentiate your SMS by personalizing them and communicating your specific tone of voice.

3. 51% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they receive a text with images and media. 

SMS containing an image or video snatches the attention of over half readers. Designing beautiful, impactful and consistent visual content for your messages to delight and surprise your customers should thus be part and parcel of crafting your SMS strategy.

4. 6 out of 10 buyers want to text back businesses about customer support issues.

Customers want to talk to companies, including yours. In fact, 60.8% of customers would rather write businesses with questions about customer support than do it via the telephone. Make sure to be reachable from your website chat or to have a Whatsapp or text customer support.

5. 63% of consumers say they would switch to a company that offers SMS messaging as a communication channel. 

Text-based communication options are valuable to consumers as they are used to resorting to this communication method and trust it. This stat suggests that SMS should be part of your global communication strategy, whether it is your core communication tool or it is part of a broader set of tools combining SMS with notifications and in-App messages.

6. 77% of consumers are likely to have a positive opinion of a brand that offers text capability.

Build trust and become top-of-mind with a well-crafted SMS strategy. This means sending out messages regularly, keeping a consistent tone, crafting relevant and personalized offers, and keeping your customer base posted on important news about your business through their preferred communication channel.

7. 19% of customers are interested in hearing from their favorite brands via text message once per day.

Approximately 19% are open to hearing from their favorite brands on this channel once per day. Depending on your audience, it is important to determine the frequency they would like to receive text messages from your business so that no customer feels overwhelmed with SMS.

8. 75% of consumers want to receive text messages from companies on special offers.

Using SMS is one of the quick ways to get important information and updates across. Take advantage of the opportunity to text your customers about your special offers and promotions. Note that “dollar-off” discounts are the #1 incentive for signing up to an SMS program.

9. 45% of buyers respond to branded messages.

Include your brand’s name to make it easier for your customers to recognize your business and distinguish your messages from spam. This will increase your company’s credibility and your customers will most likely read and take action on your messages. In a single look, your brand has to catch the reader’s attention: to do that, do not hesitate to use emojis or play on words.

10. 96% of marketers agreed that text messaging has significantly generated more revenue for the business. 

Finally, nearly all marketers using text messaging as a communication channel agreed that it has overwhelmingly helped them boost revenue. Join them and boost your customer engagement with a well thought out SMS strategy!

Leverage SMS messaging with Como 

Communication is key to connecting and building long-lasting relationships with your customers. With the help of Como, you can reach out to your members about your promotions, campaigns, or reminders through omnichannel communications, including SMS messaging.

Customize the messages sent to your members to make them feel appreciated and valued as they are being addressed personally. For example, use the first name of your member to add a touch of personalization to your message, remind them of their points balance and send them offers that include their favorite items!

Want to take your business to the next level with SMS messaging? Contact us and get in touch with our team today.


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