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Como Sense Basic

Como Sense Basic offers a complete toolkit for rewarding customers and engaging in rich communication.

Customer Loyalty & Marketing Suite

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Easy Loyalty Registration

Sign up new loyalty members from anywhere — your POS, your website, or wherever else your guests may be

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Promote Days & Times

Choose days and times to offer double points/punches to increase visits and meet your business goals.


Birthday & Joining Gifts

Offer a little birthday cheer with a one-time personalized incentive.

Actioable Data

Know Your Customers

Dashboard access provides data insights on how to grow your business.

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Points or Punch Cards

Choose how your loyalty members earn rewards for visits and purchases.

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CRM access allows you to find and filter customers and to reach them by SMS and email.



Branded Mobile App

Digital Commerce

Online Ordering

How It Works


Register new members from anywhere with just a phone number.


Sign in loyal members via POS to redeem promotions automatically, securely, and in real time.


View data insights from Como Hub & find and filter customers to communicate via SMS/email.

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