Father’s Day Actions To Inspire You And Boost Your Sales



Every year, the third Sunday of June is dedicated to fathers all over the world. A month after celebrating Mother’s Day, consumers are now on the lookout for gifts to give their dads, stepdads, grandpas, and all the other father figures in their lives.

According to the National Retail Federation’s 2022 survey, US consumers are expected to spend around $20 billion on Father’s Day. Among the respondents, those aged between 25-34 are expected to be this year’s biggest holiday spenders with average spending estimated to be $248.98 per head on Father’s Day gifts.

With many customers looking forward to this special holiday, here are the best Father’s Day actions to take that will increase your revenue and strengthen your customer engagement strategy!

1. Set up a special Father’s Day display in your store

Create a display section in your store to showcase your dad-centric products to catch the eyes of browsing shoppers and increase store traffic. It is important to place your display where it is visible to the people passing by and grab their attention, such as in the middle of your store, with a “Father’s Day” banner to inform them that it is a display section dedicated to the occasion.

Conducting a product affinity analysis will help your business determine which of your products are complementary and set up promotions that will drive sales for the holiday. For example, you can create gift bundles and put them on your Father’s Day display to bring attention to your promotions and make it easy for your customers to pick a gift for their dads.

2. Engage customers with interactive social media content

Social media is a great platform to engage with your customers at a personal level. It allows you to connect with customers in real-time and gives them a forum to connect with other customers as well. Post engaging content on your social media page by, for example, asking your followers to comment and share their most memorable moments with their fathers.

Encourage them to join by rewarding the winners with a prize, such as a 20% discount on the total bill or a free appetizer on their next visit to your restaurant. Apart from the increase in clicks, shares, and likes, people will respond by visiting your store even after the holiday is over. This will improve the trust and loyalty of your customers towards your brand.

3. Communicate your Father’s Day promotions via different channels

Send personalized push notifications, in-app and SMS messages to invite your members to stop by your business and take advantage of your Father’s Day promotions and offers. Roll out Father’s Day-themed email campaigns that highlights your brand’s campaigns and even a gift guide you’ve collated that will serve as an inspiration to your customers on what to buy for the upcoming holiday.

The subject lines of your personalized messages are crucial to standing out from the tons of messages your customers will receive from other brands before the big day. For example, you can say lines like “Save up to 30% on Father’s Day Gifts!” or “Win Dad Over With These Great Gifts” to grab the attention of your members and drive traffic to your store.

4. Explore data to personalize Father’s Day benefits

Leveraging data enables organizations to turn raw information into valuable actionable insights. With the help of Comillia AI, you can get a holistic view of your business to make data-driven decisions and generate the reports you need instantly. It will aid in better understanding your customer’s purchasing patterns, such as their visits recency, frequency, and spending.

In addition, Comilla AI will recommend smart and personalized campaigns that will tailor to each of your customers’ needs. Around 52% of the respondents in a 2020 Salesforce study stated that they expect offers to always be personalized. This illustrates that personalized offers and experiences are a top priority for customers.

To wrap it up, as shoppers realize that dads and moms alike deserve some appreciation for everything they do, Father’s Day is becoming an increasingly popular holiday. Making sure that you are prepared well in advance for the special occasion will pay off if you do it right. Start planning your strategy now on how your business can boost sales and make it a Father’s Day to remember!

From the Como team, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day!


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