3 Key Advantages Of Using The Wallet Pass


A Wallet Pass is a digital non-payment card that can be stored on your mobile device in the form of a wallet item in the Apple Wallet or Google Pay Apps.

This advanced feature is a powerful asset for your business’ loyalty program as it makes your customers’ experience smoother, keeps your brand top of mind, and boosts customer engagement thus driving additional recurring revenue. Let us explain how the new Como Wallet Passes can take your customers’ experience to the next level and make your business more profitable!

For starters, among the 2,000 respondents who participated in a Mobile Wallet Marketing survey, more than half (54%) have already used a Wallet Pass and 70% of consumers currently enrolled in at least one loyalty program say they would use a mobile version of their loyalty cards if they didn’t have to sign into a website or download an app!

1. Wallet Passes are the most accessible loyalty feature for your customers and the easiest identification method for your business 

Mobile Wallet Passes can be distributed to your loyalty program members through your existing marketing channels with a single URL to download it. In other words, clients won’t need to download your Mobile App to access your loyalty program if they don’t want to, and if they are already active App users they can still benefit from it to access key information about the program in a faster way. Indeed, when 6 taps are needed on average to enter a loyalty App and check rewards, deals and credits, only two taps are necessary to reach a saved pass!

In addition to this, identification at the POS will be drastically simplified. Your staff won’t have to ask for the member’s details to recognize them, check out their points or applicable offers and apply them. Once the member has added the Wallet Pass to their phones, they can open and present it at the point of sale counter for identification. When the staff scans the barcode on the pass, they will be able to review the members’ details, such as their point balance and gifts, and take action within seconds.

Eventually, if your business used to distribute physical cards, which can be lost or damaged, the Wallet Pass is definitely the longer lasting option for your members. And if you happen to face a wi-fi problem in your location and your customer can’t access their App, the Wallet Pass can be scanned with no connectivity required, another reason to take the leap!

2. Wallet Passes complement your Mobile App experience, makes your brand top of mind and drives customer action

Wallet notifications allow your business to have a consistent communication channel with its members. What’s more, it is interesting to note that 62% of respondents say they are likely to download a Wallet Pass if it is personalized. In other words, we recommend you to craft behavior or profile-based Wallet campaigns and pair them with notifications on Como. These messages will appear on your members’ lock screen and encourage them to take action. Such a personalized marketing experience will lead to higher conversion rates and stronger brand loyalty!

For instance, you can create your campaigns based on your members’ purchase history and recent behavior or preferences and personalize your push notifications to spark their interest in your special offers! You could also send out expiration reminders on coupons or offers to create a sense of urgency and drive traffic to your store.

Your Wallet Pass will help your marketing team keep your brand front and center in customers’ minds, promote social responsibility by reducing the consumption of wasteful paper and plastic, while allowing clients to share their positive experience by showing their pass to their family and friends .

3. Wallet Passes updates membership details in real-time giving your customers better visibility

Unlike their physical equivalents, Wallet Passes can be seamlessly updated with new information anytime. Around 77% of consumers want the information on their Wallet Passes to be automatically updated on their phones. Indeed, checking this information often requires a tedious process of logging in one’s account and manually checking the information or activating rewards to be able to redeem them.

By making members discover where they stand in a single view, or reminding them of their points or rewards when they haven’t visited in a while, you are removing barriers by encouraging redemption of deals and use of points or credits. 

Send your members real-time updates on their points status or the number of punches that they currently have up to date. There is no need for your members to delete, add or download a new pass as it will automatically reflect in their existing pass.

Leverage the Wallet Pass with Como

Como’s New Wallet Pass allows you to put your brand in your customers’ pocket and is an excellent opportunity to connect and engage with them in a personalized way without asking them to download a mobile App!

Are you ready to take business to the next level with Wallet Passes? Contact us today to get started.


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