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In today’s digital world, businesses of all sizes must find inovative ways to put their data to use. There's no way around it—those who can leverage data to their advantage are the ones who will thrive. We at Bonobo provide you with the digital marketing tools to make that happen. Our history of success with empowering restaurant and retail businesses puts us in a unique position to understand the market challenges you face and the barriers between you and the solutions that will grow your business. Our mission is to break down those barriers and smooth your way to unlocking your full business potential by mining the wealth of customer transaction data you have in your POS and putting it into action. Como Sense is our professional marketing suite for driving your business growth. The platform constantly senses who each of your customers are and what they buy, so you can target them with relevant communications that bring them back. The solution's essential tools include powerful analytics, marketing automation, loyalty programs, omnichannel communication, and your branded mobile app. Burger King, Papa John’s, PAUL, Vom FASS, Carl's Jr., Chuck E. Cheese, Dairy Queen, Down Town Project Las Vegas, Villa Restaurant Group, LemonShrak Poke, Rachel’s Kitchen and Auntie Anne’s, Beyaz Fırın, Kronotrop, Cookshop, Sevil are some of the major chains in Como’s client portfolio.

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