Spreading Love And Boosting Sales: A Guide For Your Business During Valentine’s and Singles Day

Love is in the air and businesses are gearing up for Valentine’s Day. For restaurants and retailers looking to make the most of these celebrations, Como’s suite of features provides an excellent opportunity to engage customers and boost sales during this time. In this article, we’ll explore creative ways to use scratch cards, email marketing, push notifications, app customization, and special promotions.

1. Create Innovative Scratch Cards

Como’s scratch card feature adds an element of surprise and excitement to your loyalty program. For Valentine’s Day, consider creating scratch cards that customers can “scratch” on your app to reveal special discounts or exclusive offers. For instance, a restaurant could offer a percentage discount on a romantic dinner or a free dessert with a meal purchase. Retailers can also use scratch cards to unveil unique promo codes for online shopping.

2. Design An Email Marketing Blitz

Utilize Como’s email builder to craft visually appealing and personalized emails for Valentine’s Day – as well as its other iterations, Galentine’s Day and Single’s Day. For Galentine’s Day, a restaurant could send out a special promotion for group reservations, offering a complimentary appetizer for parties of four or more. For Singles Day, businesses can focus on self-love promotions, encouraging solo customers to treat themselves to a special meal or retail therapy.

3. Send Push Notifications for Timely Reminders

Leverage push notifications strategically to keep your audience engaged and remind customers about upcoming Valentine’s Day related events, special promotions, or limited-time offers. For example, a restaurant could send a push notification promoting an early bird discount for Valentine’s Day reservations. Retailers can notify customers of flash sales during this time, thus creating a sense of urgency and excitement.

4. Customize Your App

Show your customers that you’re in the Valentine’s Day spirit by customizing your app background and logo. Businesses can add romantic hues and heart motifs or celebrate Galentine’s or Single’s Day with bold designs. This subtle customization reinforces a brand’s connection with the holiday period and enhances the user experience.

5. Create BOGO Deals for Smart Savings

Everyone loves a good deal, especially during these festive occasions. Businesses can implement Buy One Get One (BOGO) promotions to attract cost-conscious customers. For example, a restaurant can offer a BOGO deal on dessert or a complimentary appetizer with the purchase of a main course. Retailers can apply a BOGO deal to specific product categories, encouraging customers to buy select gifts for loved ones.

6. Elevate the Celebration with Bundles

Create enticing bundles or packages to maximize customer spending. Restaurants can offer Valentine’s packages combining champagne with luxury items like caviar or chocolate-covered strawberries. Retailers can curate gift bundles for different budgets, providing a convenient and appealing option for customers looking to purchase gifts for their loved ones.

In all, restaurants and retailers can leverage Como’s product suite to turn Valentine’s Day into an opportunity to engage with customers, drive sales, and leave a lasting brand impression.


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