Building Customer Loyalty: The Power Of Rewards In Boosting Returns And Spend

Rewards create a positive association between a customer and a brand. They go beyond simple transactions, fostering a sense of appreciation and value. For companies, this gratitude translates into increased customer retention, word-of-mouth referrals, and ultimately, higher revenue. We refer to this as shared value – and it’s a key philosophy driving force behind successful loyalty programs.

How can your company use Como to generate shared value?

1. Social Media Gift Landing Page

Leveraging  social media platforms is essential in the age of constant connectivity. Our Social Media Gift tool allows businesses to seamlessly distribute rewards on social media through a dedicated page on the Como Hub. These rewards encourage customers to return and generate positive communication on social media regarding the business – it’s a win win.

2. Friend Referral Programs

Our friend referral feature harnesses the power of warm referrals and takes customer loyalty to the next level. By incentivizing customers to refer friends, businesses not only expand their customer base but also build a community around their brand. This community-driven approach is a catalyst for driving sustained value for both customer and business.

3. Automated Marketing Campaigns

Send a thank you reward to your customers when they purchase a specific product, spend a certain amount, or visit a certain number of times. Como’s automated marketing campaigns can be triggered by any of these actions and many more. The element of a surprise reward is a subtle thank you to your customers for supporting your business. In turn, it fosters a sense of community beyond the transaction encouraging loyalty.


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