How to Boost Your Sales Using Tiered Loyalty Programs

When you add multiple tiers to your business’ loyalty club, you have a golden opportunity to ramp up
your sales. Not only do tiers let you offer more incentives to your loyal customers—they also let you
reward customers based on how loyal they are. … Read More

Personalization: The key to customer loyalty

Consumers have come to expect more personalized experiences with their favorite brands. Earning
points and rewards is no longer enough. … Read More

Growing Your Club: How to persuade customers to sign up?

Your business growth depends on turning one-time customers into repeat customers and members
of your loyalty club. Luckily there are many ways to succeed besides expensive media campaigns.
Here are some best practices that we recommend. … Read More

How to Choose Your Core Loyalty Features?

The heart of your loyalty program is the ongoing accumulation feature that rewards your customers for purchasing, and then brings them back to redeem and purchase more. … Read More

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