How to Choose Your Core Loyalty Features?

The heart of your loyalty program is the ongoing accumulation feature that rewards your customers for purchasing, and then brings them back to redeem and purchase more.

The one you choose depends on giving true value to customers while increasing sales for you. Especially with Como Sense, the various methods are flexible and combinable to make the perfect solution for your business.

Set up a Point Shop

Points are the most common loyalty feature. You can set up a Point Shop in your mobile app where you decide what products to offer and for how many points. One big advantage is that you have better control of what items your members can purchase with their points. Point Shops work best for restaurants and other stores with a comparatively limited number of items.

Credit is also a way to pay

Credit (similar to cash back) is an alternative to Points for businesses of any size, allowing customers to accumulate an actual cash balance. One strong point is that customers can top up their balance in advance and then pay with credit at your business—using only their phone. Many kinds of customers appreciate this, such as those who live nearby, or parents who want to top up their teens’ balance so they can buy something to eat after school.

Everyone loves a Punch Card

Digital punch cards are a great system for businesses that have one or two main products, such as ice cream, coffee, manicures, and oil changes. Often, it’s the punch card that makes the difference in whether customers come back to you or to your competition. A great idea is to have different punch cards for different products or customer segments.

Mix and match your way to success

With so many options to choose from, the most effective program for your business might be a carefully chosen combination. For example, you could have Points as your main feature, but also allow customers to buy credit coupons in your Point Shop. Or Credit as your main feature, combined with Punch Cards for certain customer segments or high-traffic products.


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