Growing Your Club: How to persuade customers to sign up?

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Your business growth depends on turning one-time customers into repeat customers and members of your loyalty club. Luckily there are many ways to succeed besides expensive media campaigns. Here are some best practices that we recommend.

Put your employees in the race!

Employees are the key to promoting your loyalty program, so it’s important to keep them motivated—and competitions are proven to work. Tell them that the employee who enrolls the most customers will get a prize. You can even have competitions between your business’s locations.

Splash your club around your business

Your business is full of free real estate where you can display flyers and posters with your app’s QR code and a taste of your rewards. Start at your POS, but be creative! Try menus, placemats, sale signs, TV screens—and employee t-shirts that say “Ask me about our rewards!”

Make your joining gift irresistible

Customers love joining gifts because they get their first reward right away! You can offer anything from free points to a discount on first purchase to a free product. Try setting up automations that send the reward and a push notification, and even tag the new member (such as VIP or student), so you’ll always be able to send personalized incentives and rewards in the future.


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