Personalization: The key to customer loyalty

Consumers have come to expect more personalized experiences with their favorite brands. Earning points and rewards is no longer enough.

When businesses deliver relevant content, customers feel valued and important—which makes them more likely to make a purchase and stay loyal. Here are a few ways you can increase engagement and sales by giving your customers what they really want.

Offer rewards you know your customers want

Keep customers coming back to your business by enticing them with relevant rewards based on their purchase history. Got dog lovers? Offer them a punch card for their 6th bag of dog food for free. Members who placed an order for a kids’ meal can get a push notification with double points for kids’ meals on a certain night of the week. Send an SMS with a coupon code for a facial to members who haven’t enjoyed a facial at your spa in more than two months.

Personalize your app’s content

Customers are more likely to open your app and stay engaged when the content inside speaks to their interests. Grab their attention right from the welcome screen with a message that’s crafted based on customers’ transaction history. For example, customers who recently purchased a pack of diapers will see a welcome screen that announces a one-day sale on baby products. Link the welcome message directly to a custom catalog of baby products on sale. You can even follow up with a survey asking customers how satisfied they are with the particular products they bought.

Offer rewards that show you care

The best place to get to know your customers right from the get-go is your registration form. Collect information about their birthdays, anniversaries, interests, and any other details that can help you tailor your rewards program based on members’ profiles (but be sure to keep the form short!). For example, show members you’re thinking of them on their birthday by sending a “happy birthday” SMS and inviting them to stop by for coffee and a free dessert. If you’re a grocery chain, let all your vegetarian members be the first to know when there’s a special coupon for almond milk.


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