Increase the number of new members with your social media posts!

We have a new feature for recruiting members for your loyalty club: Quick Registration by Gifts by sharing a link to a new reward or discount coupon on your social media accounts, you can both generate traffic, increase your membership numbers and sales!

How it works?

1. You post the link of the gift on your social media accounts.
2. When the customer clicks, he/she will be directed to “Quick Registration by gifts” page and the phone number will be required.
3. The gift will be sent to the customer account which is only created with phone number.
4. The client will receive an SMS inviting him to Registration form.
5. The registration form can be reached from the app or from the web.
6. All communication permissions and detailed information you request can be collected in the registration form. After registration, the member will be able to receive the gift from your business. The reward appears in your POS.
With this method, you can follow registered people as a separate group and then plan special campaigns for them.

To use this feature, just contact us at [email protected]


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